Plastic Dustbin
Plastic dustbins have a compact design, light weight and long-lasting shelf life. These are used for throwing trash. Plastic dustbins can be found in residential and commercial areas. The offered products have maximum storage capacity, strong structure and easy usage. 
Plastic Flower Pot
Plastic flower pots have a portable structure, light weight and beautiful construction. These are used for plantation purpose. Plastic flower pots keep the soil moistened for a longer span of time. Our offerings are highly spacious, strong and dimensionally accurate. 
Plastic Mug
Plastic mugs are used for carrying, pouring and bathing applications. These are small in size, light in weight and compact. Plastic mugs can be easily used and moved. Our offered products are available in different sizes, finishes and colours.
Plastic Soap Cover
Plastic soap covers are designed for covering soaps and keeping them away from bacteria or germs. These are attached with a lid for covering purpose. Plastic soap covers also keep the soap free from moisture. Can be availed in different sizes and shapes. 
Plastic Bucket
Plastic buckets are acquired for maximum storage capacity, light weight and compactness. These are used for bathing and washing cloth. Plastic buckets have a long lasting shine, flawlessness and ruggedness. The offered containers also have sturdy handle for lifting purpose. 
Dust Pan
Dust pans are crafted for lifting dust, dirt and residues from the ground after sweeping. These are handy in structure and light in weight. Dust pans are extremely helpful in dumping the trash without touching it. These are available in different colours and designs.
Plastic Tub
Plastic tubs are used for washing clothes. These are highly spacious and light weighted. Our offered products are easy to move from one place to another. Plastic tubs are available in different sizes, colours and shapes. These are used for soaking purpose as well. 
Plastic Patra
Plastic patras have an appealing colour, alluring designs and compactness. These are used in homes and shops for sitting purpose. Our offered products can bear heavy load and different weather conditions. Plastic patras can be easily moved from one spot to another. 
Plastic Tasla
Plastic taslas are fabricated with utmost care and dedication by using high grade plastic material. These are used for washing and soaking clothes. Plastic taslas are extremely strong in construction and durable. Our offered products are also ideal for plantation. 
Floor Wiper
Floor wipers are manufactured for wiping the water off the floor in bathrooms and kitchens. These are designed with iron rod and rubber. The offered offerings are light weighted and can be easily handled. Floor wipers are accessible in different colours and designs. 

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